Achieve 100% Performance on Your Corporate Website

12 Tips to Achieve 100% Performance on Your Corporate Website

Optimize Your Corporate Website: Expert Tips from UX Programming for Maximum Performance, Speed, and Efficiency.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, a high-performing website is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and delivering an exceptional user experience. Whether you’re looking to boost your site's speed, optimize its functionality, or streamline your resources, these 12 expert tips from the team at UX Programming will guide you to achieve 100% performance on your corporate website. From dynamic code loading to effective caching strategies, these practical steps will help you enhance your site's efficiency and ensure it runs seamlessly. Before you start, we recommend evaluating your site's current performance using Google PageSpeed Insights for a detailed analysis and actionable insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights Score
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1. Deferred Code Loading

Use dynamic imports to load libraries only when needed.

For example: If you need something only after user interaction, load it then, not at the start!

2. Identify Unused JS and CSS  

Utilize the Coverage tab in DevTools.

It shows the usage percentage of each of your files.

Clicking on a file reveals which lines are used.

This makes it easy to see what's not being used.

3. Optimize Your Web Images

   - Use WEBP or AVIF formats whenever possible.

   - Use SVG for icons and vector images.

   - Avoid PNG (only in very specific cases).

4. Master HTML and CSS

You’d be surprised how many complex tasks done with JavaScript can be achieved with just a few lines of CSS. Refer to MDN Web Docs for comprehensive guides and resources.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Dependencies

Prioritize using the web platform (e.g., axios vs. fetch).

Look for smaller alternatives to libraries.

 You can check the cost of each library using tools like Bundlephobia.

6. Be Cautious with External Fonts

 They are a critical resource and can cause many issues such as flickering, content shifts, and size discrepancies.

   Best practices:

   - Use as few as possible.

   - Optimize them and use the woff2 format.

   - Serve them from your server (NOT a CDN). Check out Google Fonts for optimized web fonts.

7. Organize Your <head> Tag Properly

   The order of what you load is crucial!

   We recommend the "capo.js" utility. 

   It tells you how to arrange your tags for maximum performance and to avoid unnecessary blocking.

8. Avoid Initial Loaders

   Use Server-Side Rendering (or Static Rendering) to avoid a blank page at the start. Avoid showing a loader at the beginning as it makes users wait.

9. Compress and Minify Your Static Files

   Minifying removes unnecessary white spaces, comments, and unused or duplicate code, saving valuable bytes.

   Compression uses encoding like Brotli to reduce the amount of data transferred by the browser.

10. Fewer HTTP Requests, the Better

Especially to external sites!

Using preconnect can help, but it’s not a cure-all.

The best practice is to minimize requests so resources don’t have to wait.

11. Caching

Use HTTP headers to control cache and avoid unnecessary reloads. 

Hashed files can create infinite caches (e.g., file.37182fag.js).

Typically, bundlers like Vite do this for you.

12. Preload What You Can

    - Use preconnect to reduce latency with early connections to third-party servers.

    - Prefetch to load future resources.

    - Preload to load essential resources and improve initial rendering.

For more in-depth strategies, check out our guide on Strategic Business Website Design.

Improve the performance of your website with us

Achieving 100% performance on your corporate website might seem like a daunting task, but with these 12 actionable tips, you can make significant strides towards optimizing your site's speed, usability, and overall efficiency. By implementing these best practices, from deferred code loading to efficient caching, you'll not only improve the user experience but also boost your site's search engine rankings and overall effectiveness. 

For tailored solutions and expert guidance, don't hesitate to contact UX Programming. Our team of specialists is ready to help you refine your web performance and transform your website into a powerful tool for business success. Reach out to us today and take the next step towards a faster, more efficient website.

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